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University with Potential for Excellence of University Grants Commission was awarded to the University of Mysore in the disciplines of Science and Social Science. In social science, the focus area of study is Media and Social Development.The project aims to study the different paradigms of media and social development; Analyze the nature, forms, levels, phases and consequences of media intervention in the process of social development; Study the development "deficit" and its implications on social categories; Assess how media intervention can transform the State; Develop new social development indices to greatly disadvantaged groups; Based on the findings of this study, design an alternative Model of Development for Karnataka.
The Journal of Media and Social Development is an initiative to create scholarship in the area of media and social development by encouraging scholarly work by the academicians in interdisciplinary areas of social sciences.
The Journal is a platform for publishing high quality original research and experiments in the significant areas of economic, political, social, cultural and media perspectives of development. 'Media and Social Development: A Case of Karnataka. The Project has established Centre for Area Studies. The Centre has started M.Phil in 'Area Studies - Karnataka Studies' for the first time in the state of Karnataka.
The Project has established state of art infrastructure in the Department of Studies in Communication and Journalism, University of Mysore to make media education more relevant and meaningful. The Project has ventured into publishing a Quarterly Newsletter, ABHYUDAYA (meaning Development) to create awareness about human development and its indicators among Research scholars and students.